Why “Islamic Tauheed” is qualified as “Exclusive Monotheism”

What is Tauheed ?

Why must “Islamic Tauheed” be qualified as “Exclusive Monotheism”

what is Tauheed al-Uluhiyyah? (Monotheism of Divinity)?

Why is Tauheed al-Uluhiyyah called Tauheed a-Ibadah (Monotheism of Worship)?

Islamic Tauheed is defined as “Exclusive Monotheism” meaning that there truly and really is only ‘The God’ whose name in the Arabic language is “Allah” [THE ONE AND ONLY GOD], and in other languages accordingly. On this major point Jews and Muslims are agreed, and on this major point the Christians diverge from monotheism into various claims about trinity and the Son of God, etc, even claiming that their creed remains monotheistic. Yet all people of intellectual honesty admit that trinity concepts cannot be monotheism without a fundamental distortion of the term itself. This concept of Tauheed is formalized in Islam in the statement: “there is no god except Allah” meaning there is none that is worshipped rightfully.

In Judaism the concept is formalized in the Shema as “Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One” (Shema Yisrael Adonai eloheinu Adonai ehad) [Deuteronomy 6:4] Undoubtedly some people make various idols and pretentious demigods into “gods” and worship them foolishly, but the higher Realty and Truth is that all other so called gods and /or Gods that are claimed by some men and some religions are false and not really God, and do not deserve to be idolized, obeyed and worshipped.

Therefore we have to qualify Islamic Tauheed as exclusive Monotheism since some have made the ludicrous claim that there is an ‘inclusive’ form of Monotheism wherein others gods also exist along with the One God, which is a contradiction and an oxymoron.
Some of the deviations from sincere exclusive monotheism are as follows, as will be explained by the will of Allah in coming articles.

Idolatry (Shirk)

Hypocrisy (Nifaq)

Inclusive Monotheism

Atheism, Denial of Allah’s existence













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