Taaghoot, and the worship of Taaghoot

About Taaghoot, and the worship of Taaghoot

About Taaghoot,  and the worship of Taaghoot

This comprehensive term, Taaaghoot, is associated with Shirk (idolatry) and Kufr (disbelief) and basically means to go beyond the bounds.

The word Taaghoot denotes a term comprehensively including all that has exceeded the bounds and is worshiped other than Allah, whether alive or non-living, on the condition that if it is a living being it is pleased with the false worship or is conspicuously quiet and does not reject and repudiate it (Yakfur bit-Taaghoot) which implies that one consents.  A Taaghoot has passed some extreme limit that distinguishes and defines Islam,Iman (or Eemaan, faith and belief) and Tauheed (Islamic monotheism) which takes one into the opposite ofIman which is Kufr, (disbelief), and the opposite of Tauheed which is Shirk (polytheism, idolatry).

Imam Ibn Qayyim has given a comprehensive definition to the word by saying:

قال ابن القيم: “الطاغوت ما تجاوز به العبد حده من معبود أو متبوع أو مطاع ، فطاغوت كل قوم ما يتحاكمون إليه غير الله أو يعبدونه من دون الله أو يتبعونه على غير بصيرة من الله  أو يطيعونه فيما لا يعلمون أنه طاعة الله فهذه طواغيت العالم إذا تأملتها وتأملت أحوال الناس معها رأيت أكثرهم عدلوا عن عبادة الله إلى عبادة الطاغوت وعن التحاكم إلى الله ورسوله إلى التحاكم إلى الطاغوت وعن طاعته وعن متابعته رسوله إلى طاعة الطاغوت ومتابعته.” [إعلام الموقعين1/50]

Taaghoot includes anything which a person worships, follows, or obeys beyond the proper limits.  So Taaghootof each people is that which they appeal to for a political or legal decision other than Allah and His Messenger (being the Qur’an and Sunnah embodied in the revealed canon law of Islam (Shari’ah), or that which they worship other than Allah, or those whom they follow, subordinate themselves to, and obey without regard to Allah (and the Shari’ah).  These are the main Tawaagheet of the world, and if you contemplate them and then reflect upon the state of mankind, you come to realize that the vast majority of people have turned away.”

Sheikh Saleh al-Fauzan said:

“Rejecting and denouncing Taaghoot is a pillar of Tauheed (monotheism) and if someone does not fulfill this pillar he would not be considered as a believer in Tauheed. Tauheed is the foundation of faith through which all good deeds are made acceptable and sound, and without which they would all be nullified. Seeking judgments from the Taaghoot means believing in it [cf Muhammad b. Abdul Wahhab, Fath al-Majeed, p. 467-468] Allah the Exalted says: “He who disbelieves in Taaghoot and believes in Allah has surely grasped a strong handle.” [2:256] The negation of the faith of the person who does not rule by what Allah revealed shows us that applying the laws of Allah is a matter of faith, creed and worship, to which a Muslim must uphold and adhere. The laws of Allah should not be applied only because they are better for people and their safety and security, rather because applying them is an act of worship.  Some people emphasize the point (of security) only, and ignore the terms of faith, creed and worship of applying the Divine laws. Allah, -glory be to Him- condemns those who apply His laws for personal interest, and not because they sincerely believe that applying them is an act of worship. Allah, the Exalted, says: ‘And when they are summoned to Allaah and His Messenger to judge between them, behold! a party of them turn away. But if the right is in their favor, they come to him submissively.’ [24:48-49] In fact they care only about their desires. They would reject anything else which opposes their interests because they do not consider seeking the judgment of the Messenger of Allah, may the peace and blessing be upon him, to be an act of worship.”  [Aqeedat-a-Tauheed, Chapter 6, p.58-60]


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ركن التوحيد هو الكفر بالطاغوت واجتنابه اوالطاغوت والكفر بالطواغيت

Compiled and written by Abu Salman Deya ud-Deen Eberle

(who seeks the Mercy of Allah His Gracious Lord)

كتبه الفقير الى مغفرة ربه أبو ســلمان ضياء الدين ابرلي


>More will be forth coming in this section – isnha-Allah


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