Observations on Muslim manner of animal slaughter compared to …

Observations on Muslim manner of animal slaughter compared to …

At a recent AMJA ((Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America: http://amjaonline.org/ )) conference about “The Halal and Haram in Food and Medicine.” Los Angeles 2012 many vitally important issues were covered by academic research papers, and then discussed among the Muslim jurisprudence jurists, and experts from the medical field and various other experts in the business world.

Mufti Abdullah Nana and his associates at ((Halal Advocates of America:  http://halaladvocates.org/ )) made an interesting observation about the method of animal slaughter of bovine (beef i.e. cattle) normally performed in American slaughterhouses. He should know since he and his associates have visited over 80 slaughterhouses to verify their research.

The normal method practiced in bovine slaughter in America is a poke like vertical cut (called sticking by slaughter men) into the neck, with the knife blade in vertical placement “sticking” the neck, of a suspended animal, which usually bleeds an average of 7 or so pounds of blood for the animal.

See a representative video of this HERE

The horizontal neck cut which a Muslim makes (and a Jew producing Kosher meat by the way) while saying the Name of God and cutting the esophagus (food pipe), trachea (windpipe), and preferably the two juggler arteries (blood pipes) bleeds on an average 24-25 pounds of blood.

This difference (lets say about 14 pounds) is very significance. If you do the math,  that equals for a slaughter house that slaughters 1000 animals a day, which is accomplished at the larger corporate slaughter houses, 14 x 1000 =14,000 pounds, and if you calculate that at $2.00 a pound for an average retail price of meat, that equals $24,000 dollars US a day.


In bovine (cattle) slaughter, with normally used vertical cut only 7 -9 pounds of bloods gushes out of the body while in with Islamic horizontal cut 25 pounds  of blood gushes out, thus the difference is (let’s say at lower end) of 14 (approximate) pounds, and this may mean in a large slaughter house slaughtering 1,000 cows, for each animal they are saving an additional of 14 pounds of net weight in the meat: therefore,

14 pounds x $2 (approximate $ price wholesale) = $28,000 5 day week ($140,000) x 4 weeks ($560,000 per month), let’s say 10 months operation = 5,600,000  five and half million dollars, while if the slaughterhouse works the full 12 months, five days a week operation, then the amount equals = $6,720,000

Over Six and a Half Million Dollars every year.

A significant savings passed by the corporation to the consumer who eats that extra blood and pays for this blood  with his hard earned money (plus State and feudal [opps Federal]  taxes).

Why does the FDA and all health organizations stipulate that blood must be drained out of any slaughtered animal? For the simple reason that blood is medically known and documented to be unhealthy, and that it is the biological vehicle of harmful microbes and disease.


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