Major questions for Christians

Major questions for Christians

Today I had a conversation with a reborn evangelical Christian – sort of like my mother, sister and brother  – and I asked him (like I have asked them) about the fact of their saying Jesus is 100% man and 100% God, how can that be? And how is that to be proved to a person like me who believes in strict Monotheism, and who has read the Christian apologetic arguments but cannot be swayed away from the Pure Monotheism of One God whom all the Prophets worships and called the people to worship with full sincerity.

He basically has no answer except to say it is a mystery, and it’s in Bible revelation in the Old and New Testament, as he reads it and understands it.

But I said the son of God idiom can be understood in the Semitic language manner of meaning like son of the plow (a good farmer) and son of the bow (a good hunter with bow and arrow) and thus the son of God symbolic idiom means a righteous upright man who worships God in a good manner without idolatry. This of course is the major theme of the message of the Bible as even the most basic reading delivers – that man corrupts his worship with idolatry and sinfulness and he must get back to pure sincere worship of the One True God of man and a life of righteousness.

Of course this Christian repeated the idea that trinity is basic in the Bible since God created man in his image as in Genesis and thus Trinitarian understanding of as body mind and soul etc, relating to Father Son and Holy Ghost concept etc etc.

Then I mentioned that there are other sons of God in the Bible like Israel and David etc, but he said that Jesus was different. I asked how and basically had no answers but repetition of the trinity mantra.

When I mentioned that this Trinitarian idea can be traced to Council of Nicea in 225 CE and the that it has many parallels with divine men in pagan cults and religions in the Middle East and the world over, wherein we see many various part man and part God divine savior figures and national heroes as in Ancient Hindu, Greek, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and indeed all over the world. The divine and semi divine figures are very popular but we Muslims and Jews follow strict monotheism of God the Creator and man the created. He admitted that Christians are also monotheistic like Jews and Muslims, but again he basically had no answers but repetition of the trinity mantra.

I am waiting to hear a good answer.

Then I mentioned the work Bart D. Ehrman of the Department of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina, and his scholarship proving the distortions and corruptions of the Bible to prove the Pauline Trinity concepts  line as opposed to the strict Monotheism of the prophets like Abraham and Moses and Jesus may Allah’s peace be upon them and again he basically had no answers but repetition of the trinity mantra.

Now I am waiting to hear a good series of answers to these essential questions.

By the way, he was sort of amazed when I explained that we Muslims believe in the second coming of Jesus (and that I have written a book about this subject.)

We had some other interesting conversations also too long to mention here.


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