Links to some Islamic Websites



(Note: our indication of these websites about Islam, and of course this here is only a partial list,  does not necessarily mean a complete endorsement of all the contents therein, but is placed here for the purpose of study, research, and investigation, and verification for the seeker of truth and the student of knowledge, and to help the seeker and student to strive with sincerity on the path to our One and Only Lord and God – Allah the Almighty and Majestic) .


and so many more quality websites

Links to the some Islamic Resources in Arabic

And some more here


Dar as Salaam Community and Huda School 

Tooba University

Tauheed Institute 


Knowledge International University (Riyadh)

Shareeah Academy:


Online Islamic University


Islam Web

al Maktabah ash Shamilah (المكتبة الشاملة)

From many places especially here

تحميل برنامج المكتبة الشاملة

and here

and Multaqa Ahl- al-Hadeeth here

In English in general sections

and Arabic specifically for Shamilah section

If you wish to use this online webpage as below, there is a good and brilliant Muslim brother, a PHD in computer science, from Uyghur territory of China, may Allah bless him and protect and reward him, who has an excellent web tool that gives the English meanings of many Arabic words in the al Maktabah ash Shamilah (المكتبة الشاملة) software; at this link:

NOTE: There needs to be improvement of the meanings and some additions as that these Arabic meanings are too simple and from an open source research project of a PHD student in Arabic, and the brother may work to do this enhancement inshallah soon, but he is extremely busy now with many projects. I hope he will allow me to help him in this enhancement project, inshallah.


Arabic websites  that use the Word

Tauheed, Tawheed, Tauhid, Tohid, etc, in their website Title,

for investigation and comparison and not necessarily endorsement:


and others, …


One Response to Links

  1. Umm Mujaahid says:

    Assalaamu ‘alaikum Brother,

    Here is some very beneficial news:

    The renowned Scholar of Arabic Language and Literature , Shaykh Dr. V. Abdur Rahim (author of the world-renowned ‘Madinah Arabic Course’) has recently set up his own web-site (blog) to teach the sciences of Arabic to learners world-wide, wa l-Hamdu lillaah.

    Please visit:

    May Allaah preserve the Shaykh and benefit us by his vast knowledge.

    Currently on the site, the Shaykh is teaching Arabic through five rich programmes:

    Glorious Qur’aan
    Arabic Poetry
    Arabic Grammar
    Arabic Language

    The Shaykh has also made himself available here to answer any questions from students and teachers on any of the Arabic Sciences under Q & A. (All questions go direct to the Shaykh.)

    The site also directs to where we can obtain many of the Shaykh’s Arabic language books, Qur’aanic Arabic Courses, and his complete 2-year Arabic Language syllabus – as taught at the Islaamic University of Madinah – absolutely free.

    So please visit, (register your name), benefit and and seize the opportunity to learn Arabic directly with the Shaykh himself and enjoy the mastery, depth and precision characteristic of learning under this ‘Aalim of Arabic, also deeply learned in the Qur’aan and Sunnah and an expert on European languages (as indicated in the Shaykh’s fuller profile on the site).

    And spread the great news to everyone.


    (student of Arabic)

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